Monday, June 15, 2015

Reviewer Appreciation Giveaway!

Yes, I know. This is WAY, WAY, WAY overdue.

I mean, I've been talking about doing a reviewer appreciation giveaway since April. But if you've been reading this blog over the last few months, well, you know that things got a bit crazy around here, and, well. My prizes kinda-sorta disappeared into a moving box for a little while.

But fear not. They have been found! And the giveaway is here and officially starts TODAY!!!

Take a look at these fab prizes:

In honor of Water So Deep, this fabulous Bella Del Mar Mother of Pearl jewelry set is beaded with tiny white pearls, and accented with clear crystal quartz. This set comes in a beautiful display box and includes a gorgeous necklace, bracelet, and earrings, and is a $95 value. (The crystals look slightly blue in this picture, but they are really mostly clear.)

Also in honor of Water So Deep, this stylish and trendy Refuse to Sink bracelet, still attached to the manufacturer packaging.

In honor of Descendant and Birthright, this lovely crystal quartz healing crystal necklace was custom made by Zuniga's Custom Jewelry. (She makes some of my very favorite original pieces.) Also in packaging.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a review of one of my books on your favorite review site (there are tons of choices) and then come back here and leave the link in the Rafflecopter link box. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY LEFT A REVIEW, it's okay. This contest is MEANT for YOU! Go ahead and leave me the link to your already posted review and you do not need to do anything more.

You will see that there are lots of places where reviews can be left for each of my books. In case you're wondering, YES, it is totally okay to copy and paste one review to ALL THE PLACES if you so choose. As long as you remember to collect the link and enter it into the Rafflecopter box, it totally counts.

This contest closes on June 30, so be sure to enter before then.

*Winners will be notified by email ir FB private message (depending on the information included through Rafflecopter) and will have 72 hours to respond with a U.S. mailing address. If you are out of the United States, you are still eligible to win the bracelet or healing crystal, but not the larger set. Prizes may be adjusted as necessary for this purpose. 

**United States prizewinners may be given the option to trade their jewelry prize for a paperback or ebook copy of any of my books. International prizewinners wishing to exchange their prize will be given the option for an ebook.

Also, while you're entering contests, don't forget to scroll to the post below this one and follow the link to the other fabulous contest for the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writers' tour I'm participating in this month.

Good luck to all of you, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your fabulous support. I couldn't do what I do without all of you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writers' Tour

This month I am part of a fabulous fantasy writers' blog tour. I am so excited to be included in this fantastic and fun event! Please join me and my fellow authors here, where The Book Stalker is posting guest posts, excerpts, and links to a contest with fun giveaways from all the participating authors. Don't miss out on this super-duper fun summer event! 

~ Hugs! 

PS. In case you haven't clicked over yet, here is the tour schedule! 

3 June – Ali Cross
5 June – Renee Scattergood
7 June – Allison D. Reid
9 June – Lee Dunning
11 June – Joshua Robertson
15 June – Charlotte Henley Babb
17 June – C.B. MacGillavry
19 June – Jan Marie
21 June – RJ Mirabal
23 June – Cheri Schmidt
25 June – KJ Hawkins
27 June – Rebecca Jaycox
29 June – Louise Findlay

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Catching Up!

Um, yeah. So the thing is that blogging has fallen way down on my priority list these days. And as horrible as it sounds, I still try really hard to focus my daily interactions on social media—as I think more people stay connected there these days than on blogs. That said, I figure it’s past time for me to share with you some bits and pieces of…things.

So here you go. Things.

I promised to do a giveaway once Water So Deep passed 50 reviews on Amazon. And last month while I was on vacation, it shot past that point. And now that we have moved into our house and are getting through the boxes (slowly, but surely) I finally found the prize I got in the Caribbean.

It’s meant to be similar to Emma’s necklace in Water So Deep, except more fancy. And obviously, the shell is bigger than Emma’s. What do you think? It’s a $95 value, and I will be putting together the giveaway details this next week.

Speaking of visiting the Caribbean…

I did a bit of research there. (And yet, no pics of me underwater. Boo!)

And then, we moved. This is intended as the last move ever, or at least for a VERY long time, so that’s the good news. I am now ready to burn all our boxes. After I unpack them.

And then, as if those two things weren’t enough to make my month huge and awesome, last weekend was my very favoritest-conference-of-all-time-ever. The LDStorymakers conference, 2015. Guys. As always, this year was epic. Sadly, I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I did take a few.


And here’s one little silly.

We even had a dance party. It rocked the hotel. Literally. Or maybe that was thunder—I’m not sure which.

During all this, I was supposed to help reveal this cover for Rachelle J. Christensen. (Sorry for the belated post, Rachelle!)

Next month, I am also participating in a few big promotional activities, so keep your eyes out for those as well.

And now that I can take a breath, back to finishing Legacy. Oh, and speaking of that series… I have a secret! A big one, which I will reveal as soon as I can confirm that it is really for real how things are going to go. Sorry to be all vague and stuff, but I promise that if you’re a fan of the Descendant series—this news will make you happy. 

Stay tuned! If all goes well, I plan to reveal this news soon.

Okay, back to writing. Let’s talk again soon!